Virtual event management



You may know how to run live event, but you are acutely aware that virtual events can be just like another Zoom call if they are not carefully managed. You’re not sure what questions to ask, never mind what the answers might be.
We see it as our job to bridge the gap between the live and virtual worlds and provide the technical glue to make it work seamlessly. We take the burden off you, managing every step from start to finish and ask the questions that you didn’t even know needed answers.
A significant part of this relates to helping your presenters. We know that many presenters find virtual events very intimidating, so we use our live experience and technical expertise to put them at ease. We provide solid practical advice like our presenters’ guide, to give them confidence and reassurance that they are in safe hands. In essence, we help them focus on what they do best – presenting to an audience!

Onboarding support

✓ Flexible scheduling to cater to different time zones as required
 Checking Internet speed and consistency
Testing cameras and microphones
Assessing presenters’ technical abilities
Coaching presenters in the run up to the live show or Q&A session
✓ Advising presenters about how to get the best out of their cameras and
microphones, and how room acoustics affect audio
Providing advice on clothing, lighting and backgrounds
Helping presenters with scripts and optimising delivery of their content

Delivering a truly immersive event

PLANNING | We work with a wide range of onboarding platforms catering for personal preferences and company regulations/security requirements. This includes dealing with all the technical elements, creating and managing a timeline and creating a schedule for contacting presenters and coordinating recordings. Often this involves multiple time zones and occasionally different languages. And to improve the look and sound of a presentation, we can send AV packages to important contributors.

PRE-PRODUCTION | By coaching and guiding your presenters, and putting them at ease, it significantly improves their output. We remotely record their sessions and then edit them, adding name tags and background templates, graphics, inserting other content, watermarks, lower thirds. Once all content is edited and collated, it is scheduled for

LIVE STREAM | On the day everything is tested twice over and nothing is left to chance. We stream directly from our studios in Chessington and central London. Additional live presenters are brought onboard in solo or panel sessions. Our production hub provides vision and audio mixing to add name tags and lower thirds to live content, in addition to
mixing pre-recorded content.

POST EVENT | The live stream is always recorded. This allows for it to be edited with name tags and background graphics added so it can be re-uploaded for on-demand viewing. This
can be another revenue stream, or additional benefit for your sponsors.


Why use Aztec Live?

We know what a live event should look like, and we know how to translate that into the virtual world. There are a lot of extra steps that make a crucial difference for a successful event.
Planning and pre-production looks really  
complicated, and it often is. But we understand this and know how to break it down into bite size chunks and provide you with a workable plan and schedule that will provide you with the content for the live event or on-demand stream. A big part of this is making sure that your presenters get their messages across clearly and in a really engaging manner. Putting this all together, we help you to produce a truly immersive event.


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