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This includes multiple cameras for a host and up to 4 socially distanced presenters on stage at the same time. Additional remote presenters can take part in any event and appear “on stage” on the screens on set.
We provide everything: studio set, cameras, audio, live vision mixing and graphical overlays. We can produce your event as a pre-record and stream on a later date, or as a live stream to almost any platform, plus of course YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.



Design in the Virtual World

Experience has taught us that virtual meeting software options are great to connect and maintain business relationships, but they may not be the most appropriate when it comes to helping your brand maintain its tone of voice and brand image.
An increasing number of organisations are using virtual events to make sure that their messages are
communicated clearly, effectively and on brand.

At Studio VE this includes branding in your colours and with your logos, adding your sponsors images and logos either physically on set or digitally on the stream. Ultimately, for every event we create a totally bespoke, visually appealing and totally immersive virtual experience which ensures that your delegates remain fully engaged throughout your virtual event.

Simple, Clean, Practical and Versatile

LOCATION | Centrally located along the Victoria Embankment overlooking the Thames, our innovative, versatile and high tech, easy to reach venue is the perfect place to gather your guests in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Click here for location.

INFRASTRUCTURE | Super-fast and reliable internet allows us to seamlessly stream your show in high definition. Redundancy is guaranteed with additional lines and automatic failover. Spacious rooms make for an easy, secure customer journey from room to room. The studio has excellent acoustics and lighting perfect for broadcast.

VERSATILE | As well as the studio, we can provide presenter green rooms, catering areas, rest areas and meeting lounges. And once the show is over, why not relax with a glass of wine on the balcony with stunning views across London. The studio is customisable and the Aztec Live design team will help you create your perfect brand experience.

SAFE & SECURE | It’s our number one priority. Easy to read signage and clear directions ensure your presenters and guests can effortlessly navigate to each room safely. 58VE is proud to have achieved ‘We’re Good to Go’ and the MIA’s ‘Aim Secure’ accreditation in respect of the measures the venue has taken to ensure everyone's safety.  We also apply our own extra guidance for operating audio-visual equipment to ensure the safety of everyone working within and visiting our premises.

What's included

✓ Physical studio backdrop with option to upgrade to branded print backdrop at extra cost
✓  Stools and coffee tables / plinths per presenter
✓  Up to 5 x HD cameras
✓  Up to 4 x microphones
✓  Two in-ear monitors
✓  PC sound
✓  Studio front and back lighting
✓  Countdown clock
✓  Slide advancer
✓  Presentation laptop
✓  Presenter comfort monitor
✓ Notes monitor (like autocue)
✓ Streaming equipment and operator
✓ Professional vision mixer and operator
✓ Audio mix with operator
✓ Crew comms
✓ Recording of the stream if required
✓ Show caller

Ideal for your next virtual awards and conferences

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Integrations with all major platforms

A personal digital producer to help you with your platform

We work with many different platforms from across the globe. If you don't have a platform in mind, our team will work with you to establish the best platform to meet your needs and budget.

We also provide a support service to help brand, build and schedule the event for you. Click on this link to view a typical branded example page and we can help build a custom experience.

Why Studio VE?

  • To host conferences, panel sessions or large business meetings with a branded and more immersive interaction with delegates.

  • To broadcast (live or recorded) announcements to your clients, stakeholders or employees

  • To launch a product and integrate your live presentations with slides and videos, and other presenters in different locations.


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