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The world has witnessed the unprecedented growth in communication tools and virtual meeting platforms in recent times. There are so many ways to deliver a virtual event; at best, the choice can only be described as bewildering.
You will have a Digital Producer who will help you from start to finish.

They will talk to you in layman’s terms about the
pros and cons of the different technologies so you can make informed decisions. We have delivered many events, supported clients and remote presenters from different countries in different continents and time zones, cooperating with multilingual hosts all over the world.

This is what we do!

Sponsorship Opportunities

and Hints & Tips


How we can maximise your sponsor's presence

Sponsor logos and colours on the virtual platform, especially in networking and breakout zones

Verbal introduction by the host with sponsors' names

Include sponsors in the Q&A of live events, and allow them to interact with attendees

When sessions are streamed, either live or on-demand, ensure that they have active links to sponsor websites or platform pages  

✓ Use a printed backdrop for your studio set in sponsors colours and branding

✓Segment your stream with sponsor logos at the start and end of each segment, with sponsor videos in breaks



Hints & Tips

ENTHUSIASM | When preparing for your session, film yourself talking to your partner or friend about something you're really interested in (music, golf, your last holiday etc.) and note the enthusiasm and energy on playback. Practice replicating that into any business speech and retain that energy. When you’re recording from your home or office, the camera can remove some of your natural enthusiasm – the more energy the better.

PREPARE | We don't recommend having too many notes or a script in front of the camera, however having notes of key words to help spark the core message of your speech is helpful. We’d also advise taking the day before your presentation to rehearse and practice as much as possible, though it’s important to find the balance between ‘rehearsed’ but still conversational and relaxed.  

TIPS FOR WRITING YOUR SCRIPT | Put figures into context e.g. "the train station fire spread at 10 meters per second - that's as fast as an Olympic sprinter. So if you can't run as fast as Bolt, you're in trouble. Saying "nearly 1000" sounds more impressive than "956“, similarly saying “under 100” is more impactful than “95”. 

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