Designing and Producing your Podcasts

Anywhere in the world

Podcasts are great way to build a genuine connection with your audience
and to keep your clients, employees or stakeholders engaged online. ​
They are powerful inbound strategies that will add that bit of storytelling
that you need for your brand.
So, why not start creating your own podcasts?
Certainly, there are many software solutions that allow you to do it yourself.
However, if you're looking for a high-quality recording and want to create
special effects or simply have remote speakers or special guests to
interact each other, we're here to help you get the best out of your

We're helping many clients to launch their own podcasts, whether live or recorded, and making their episodes more engaging, by connecting special guests in remote locations, guaranteeing a great podcast experience for their

Our standard Podcast package includes:

  • Professional audio recording equipment and software (remote or face to face) for 2 people

  • Recording engineer

  • Editing

  • Mastering and compressing based on a maximum podcast of 30 minutes

Optional extras:

  • Additional equipment for more presenters

  • HD camera

  • Mastering and compressing longer podcasts

  • Royalty free library music

  • Original music composition, intro, outro sting and voice overs

  • Transcription service

Brand your audio!

We'll help with your recording and post-production, and anything that will help to get your podcast series looking professional, plus we'll ensure that your audio - not just visuals - are completely on brand!


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