Mobile Studio



For any UK based presenters and speakers that can’t make the studio but still want to look as good as possible inside
their home or office, we have two options.
The first option is that we send our mobile studio out to your premises, with one or two engineers. The second is
that we can courier our professional mini-studio kit to you and we will capture, record and stream your presentation
remotely. This includes on site or remote support with coaching to ensure that you and your brand look their very
The flexibility and versatility of our mobile studio is almost limitless.




Enhance your own Virtual World

You may not be able to visit our studios, but you want to ensure that when you communicate with your audience, your message is clear and memorable, and that your brand maintains its tone of voice.
Our mobile studio solution allows you to tailor your background with a portable green screen. This enables us to drop in a background of your choice, static or moving, with your logos and messages, and/or those of your sponsors.
Your presentation will be streamed live to your audience or can be captured in a recording. This can be done in isolation as an event streamed from your premises, or as part of a larger event combining streams from other speakers in other locations as standalone presentations, or as part of a panel of remote presenters.

Ideal for your Announcement, Creative Workshop or Webinar

LOCATION | Anywhere in the UK

INFRASTRUCTURE | Before you commit, we’ll discuss and, if necessary, test your Internet capability and capacity. We’ll advise you if you need to make any changes to your own infrastructure, and we will bring all the necessary equipment.

VERSATILE | We will provide presenter green backdrop and our engineer(s) will manage everything for you. Our remote production hub is available for any editing or post-production requirement. The studio is customisable and our design team will help you create your perfect brand experience.

SAFE & SECURE | It’s our number one priority. All our employees are well versed in relevant sections of the UK Government’s COVID Secure guidelines. We also apply our own extra guidance for operating audio-visual equipment to ensure the safety of everyone working within and visiting your premises.

✓ Portable green screen
✓ 1 x HD camera
✓ 1 x microphone
✓ 1 x in-ear monitor
✓ 3-point lighting kit
✓ Streaming equipment 
✓ Audio/Video operator and recordist


Optional Extras
✓ Editing
✓ Custom digital backdrop to suit your brand or event visual identity
✓ Streaming and onboarding

What's included

Ideal for your next virtual awards and conferences


What our clients say

"When we started organising virtual events, we wanted to ensure that our delegates got the best possible user experience. I’m very glad we turned to Aztec for our onsite production support. They have provided us with pop up studios ranging from a simple camera set up to fully custom studios. Dealing with Aztec is really easy and the on-site team are a pleasure to work with."

Gemma Strachan, Operations Director, CognitionX

Integrations with all major platforms

A personal digital producer to help you with your platform

We partner with established proven suppliers. If you don’t already have a preferred platform our digital producer will work with you to establish the platform that best suits your needs.

We also provide a support service to help brand, build and schedule the event for you. 


View a typical branded example page and how we can help build a custom experience.

Why use a Mobile Studio?

  • To broadcast (live or pre-recorded) information to your clients, stakeholders or employees.

  • To launch a product and integrate your live presentations with slides and videos, and other presenters in different locations.

  • To enhance your presentation and create a more immersive experience for your on-line viewers.”