A Hybrid Event is a collaboration of both live "in-person" and virtual events. Hybrid events can take the form of conferences, award ceremonies, trade shows or any other ‘live’ event streamed out to a remote audience.


2020 was the year of adaptation for event professionals globally as live in-person events were shut down and virtual events became the only way forward.

Here at Aztec Live, we understand more than most how critically important live in-person events are for communicating with an audience. By adding virtual and creating a hybrid event, your communications can be amplified to reach a much wider audience. 

And of course, you’re creating content that can be viewed on-demand all year round from your website. 

So why not do both? #GoLive #GoHybrid

What are the benefits
of a Hybrid Event?

✓ Maximise your audience with no limits! Viewers can tune in all around the world and a smaller in-person audience means you don’t need to worry about venue capacity limits.
 GO GREEN! A smaller number of speakers and live audience will obviously reduce travel, accommodation and venue costs!

  It’s a win win. You save money and reduce your event’s carbon footprint.
 Recorded sessions and hosting videos for on-demand viewing enables your audience to engage more than once or even weeks and months after the event.

Flexible Hybrid Options

The following options are just a handful of the numerous scenarios we can tailor to your specific event, so don't worry if none of these fully align with your vision. We are here to manage the technicalities of your ideas and bring them to life.

hybrid events infographic new.png

Scenario 1 -Standard room Record for VOD:

Scenario 2 - Standard room live streaming:

hybrid events infographic 1.png

Scenario 3 – Single remote presenter contribution:

hybrid events infographic 2.png
hybrid events infographic 3.png

Scenario 4 - Remote panellist integrated with the live stage panel:

Why use Aztec Live?

We have been producing live “in-person” events for over 25 years with bases in both London and Barcelona. We provide technical production services to literally hundreds of events every year. 


Over 2020 and into 2021, many of these became virtual events. Everything from enhancing a Zoom meeting with our “home AV care” packages, right up to TV studio productions in multiple hubs around the world. We have done book launches, hosted pub quizzes and even produced a digital disco in the early hours of the morning (in the UK) for an audience based in North America. 

Our event production teams have a rare set of skills of both that means that Aztec Live are uniquely placed to help event organisers combine live events with virtual events, and create truly awesome hybrid events.  

Why run a hybrid event?

Stream globally and reach new viewers unable to attend the show in person.

Finally we have a truly global reach. Streaming important messages and information to delegates that live too far away, or who simply cannot afford to travel or have the time to do so. Plus of course those that don’t want to travel thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

Access far flung presenters

We can now increase our pool of interesting and experienced keynote presenters by either remote pre-recording to play out at the show or by live remote broadcast directly into the live show and then back out to the remote audience. This will also save costs such as travel expenses and accommodation, as well as accessing people normally too busy to make such long trips. Plus of course your event’s carbon footprint improves.

Revisit content

Sessions can be archived and available on-demand for viewers to access at any time at their convenience. This facilitates an audience of people who were simply too busy or unable to attend in person or watch the live stream. Mobility restricted people will also find this method more accessible and a lot simpler than traveling.

Increase brand awareness

Think of the online experience not as an add on, but as a simultaneous event running alongside the live show. This can increase viewer traffic and give many opportunities for additional digital ads, sponsorships and general exposure on social and digital media with direct links to sponsors web pages or online virtual stands.

Future proof

If for any reason the show is cancelled or reduced, for example, a future pandemics, restricted travel or other unforeseen circumstances forcing people to stay home, then the show can still go on with just a few tweaks, albeit purely online, as that has already been planned. As many event organisers realised in 2020, planning this from the outset is a lot easier than doing it at the last minute.

Internal TV

As we’re streaming live sessions anyway, there is little additional cost to re-stream around the venue, either to other theatres, overflow areas, coffee and chill out zones, or directly to people's phones if they need to grab lunch but don’t want to miss that all important keynote speech.

Exclusive content

Think about offering exclusive “bonus” content to online viewers with additional online streams run in conjunction with the in-person show. The content can still be made available to the in-person audience to view post show, so they won’t lose out, but this can help with engagement for the remote audience.

Feedback and polls

We can reach a much larger audience giving us better insights into people's behaviour with platform analytics and online polls. This coupled with the live show polls gives us a broader understanding of people's opinions, wants and needs, including the different reactions of the in-person and remote audiences. 


A giant ad

As people are desperate to get back to F2F events, it's unlikely that delegate numbers will decrease much in the long term. But there is still opportunity to reach an additional audience that would not normally consider attending in-person. This could be because they are not comfortable in busy places, introverts (incidentally, half the population see themselves in this way!) or people testing the water to see if they would like to attend the next edition of the live event. So essentially the online event can be treated as a giant advert for the live show by displaying exciting aspects of the conference, awards or exhibition with interesting speakers, entertainment, touch and feel immersive stands and just generally people having fun or chilling out.

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